Wish List

While cash is king, we appreciate donations of all kinds. If you’re cleaning out your garage, wallet, or kitchen junk drawers, we might be able to use something you’re planning to toss. If you have a skill and want to volunteer your time, we’ve got projects too.

Tangible Items Skilled Labor
• unused gas cans for donations
(1 for $13.50; 6 for $69)
• old combo skis
• braided ski ropes
• jump skis
• life vests of all sizes
“orangie” life vests
• gas gift cards
• fabric store gift cards
• sewing notions
(elastic, stretch sequins, etc.)
• lumber
• 3’x5′ American Flags
• first aid kit supplies
(instant ice packs, bandaids, etc.)
• deejay / sound
• seamstresses
• choreographers
• grant writers
• mechanics
• landscapers
• woodworkers
• welders