Join Our Team

Why Should I Join?

  • show skiing is a family activity: all ages welcome, and there’s something for everyone
  • enjoy beautiful Lake Wylie without having to own your own boat
    • boats, ropes, and basic ski show equipment provided by the team
    • advanced equipment is typically owned by individual members
  • improve your current abilities and learn new water skiing skills
  • create wholesome entertainment for the public through our weekly ski shows
  • volunteer in the community by helping maintain our home site at Windjammer Park
  • learn valuable skills in leadership and organization while building lasting friendships
  • experience other beautiful lakes in our region when the team travels for road shows and competitions
  • enjoy the annual Carolina Show Ski Team awards banquet with food, fun, and recognition

Who Can Join?

Anyone who wants to ski or even just be a part of a fun group can join. You don’t have to be a great skier, but before participating in a show, skiing members must have a few core competencies for safety’s sake. Some of these basic skills include being able to perform a two-ski dock start, have the ability to participate in a basic skiing act as designated by our Show Director, and be able to swim unassisted by a flotation device. Our ski team has lots of members who are more than willing to help you learn the basics so that you can quickly be incorporated into a show.

No great water ski team can survive with skiers alone, though. You can be an important part of our team as a boat driver, spotter (i.e. rider in the boat), announcer, sound personnel, dance choreographer, scriptwriter, stage actor, costume designer, seamstress, or any of the other administrative positions on our team.

There is no age limit to join the Carolina Show Ski Team. We currently have members from age four to over 60! Members under 16 must have a parent or guardian also join the team as a supporting member.

What’s Expected of Me?

  • bring a positive, collaborative attitude
  • attend team practices (2-3 each week)
  • attend home shows (1 each week)
  • attend road shows (4 per summer)
  • attend tournaments (2-3 per year)
  • help set up equipment for shows & practices
  • help put away equipment after shows & practices
  • help at all shows, even if you are not yet skiing in the show
  • continuously learn new skills for additional show acts
  • participate in fundraising for our annual operating budget
  • take part in off-season show planning for the upcoming season

Where Do I Sign?

Download a copy of our 2017 Membership Packet. New members need to submit their completed Membership Packet along with their dues payment. You’ll also need a current registration with USA Water Ski, which you can complete online at

I Still Have Questions…

Please contact our membership liaison. We’re happy to answer any other questions you have with a quick phone call or through email:

I Wish I Lived Closer

There are USA Water Ski affiliated clubs across the country. View the USA Water Ski Club Directory, and apply the club type filter of “show skiing” to find other clubs like the Carolina Show Ski Team.